When it comes to a project management software list, it’s just like choosing between efficient team members. In project management, there is a continuous need for meeting schedules, spreadsheets, presentations, and all. A project manager can get overwhelmed if the task is to be performed manually. That might have been the case decades ago, but certainly not anymore.

How project management software makes things easy

Looking at any popular project management tool will give you a complete overview of the project. A project manager can assign tasks and track progress on the assigned tasks using the project management apps. Moreover, project management software also allows team members to share their ideas and work progress and helps them complete work before the deadline.

Best project management software list

There is a lot of software available, but everyone looks up to simple project management solutions. After all, using them and taking team members on board is easy. Sometimes, project management tools may look complicated but after the interaction, they are easy to use. So, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular project management software list.


Basecamp is a popular project management software as it offers many collaboration features for team members. There is a unique discussion area where the project manager can start a discussion, and team members can give their opinions. Also, you can see the ongoing projects. Besides, if the project manager assigns a new project, an email is sent to every team member.  Just like other popular project management software, you can use the software’s powerful search tool to find locations and even conversations. 

Just like humans have shortcomings, some project management tools are also short on some counts. Basecamp is limited by its ability to add an estimated duration for a new or ongoing task and assign it to more than one user.


Monday.com is one of the best project management tools with many features. For example, resourcing the project with time tracking, collaboration, and reporting features. A project manager can upload the task on cards, upload the related files, and team members can make comments. 

A dashboard in the interface collects data from multiple boards, making tracking the project’s progress easier. What makes Monday one of the best project management software as it is highly customizable so that you can design the board and cards as per your team.


Trello is another popular project management and planning tool for organizing tasks and projects using boards, lists, and cards. Trello’s simple and intuitive way of tracking work progress makes it unique. A project manager can easily assign tasks with deadlines. Team members can also add comments and attachments. Trello can easily collaborate with others as you can access Trello from anywhere, using mobile or desktop apps.


Many other project management tools like ClickUp, Height, Smartsheet, Celoxis, etc., are available. Whichever project management tool you choose, ensure it fits your team’s needs. Some software is for software development teams, and some are for business management and other such projects. It all comes down to your team and company and which project management tool you choose to unlock your potential.

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