We often talk about project management as a key factor in any organization’s success or, for worse, failure. However, a little we wonder that there’s a need to understand project management as well. It is much more dynamic and competitive now as the market has fierce competition. One often needs fresheners from time to time and new knowledge and insights into project management. Who can help here but project management books?

Whether you are a seasoned project manager or just starting your career, it doesn’t matter. There is always room for improvement and learning. By reading project management books, you can enhance your knowledge and skills. Moreover, top project management books are written by industry experts with plenty of experience, so you will always get hands-on knowledge.

Project management is a vast subject under leadership, communication, planning, risk management, etc. We have compiled a list of top management books that will give you a better understanding of project management principles and strategies. Whether you run your business or work in a top-level management position, project management books will give you new insights.

1. Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager

„Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager“ is a book by Kory Kogon, Suzette Blakemore, and James Wood. If you don’t have a college degree in project management, this is the right place to start. The book contains practical examples and tools for successfully managing projects in any industry.

The authors talk about communication, leadership, and teamwork in project management. What makes the best book on project management is the importance of understanding and managing stakeholder expectations. At the end of the book, some helpful templates and checklists can be used to streamline project management processes.

2. Project Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide

„Project Management, Absolute Beginner’s Guide“ by Greg Horine, is a perfect management book of knowledge as it is full of basics. The book provides a step-by-step guide to project management. It covers everything from project planning and execution to monitoring and controlling.

The book is written in a user-friendly approach as it provides practical examples to understand complex concepts. The latest edition of the book also helps you prepare for the web-based project management tools to prepare for the PMP Certification Exam.

3. Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time is a project management book written by Jeff Sutherland. If you handle large projects or work in a big corporation with a large workforce under you. Well, using the Scrum methodology in your project management practices should help. Interestingly, the book one of the authors is a co-founder of Scrum, so you get a first-hand comprehensive guide to the Scrum methodology and  Scrum methodology practices.

The book lays the foundation of successful projects by emphasizing collaboration, communication, and teamwork in achieving project success. It also includes practical project management tools such as sprint planning, daily stand-ups, sprint reviews, and retrospectives. Overall, it is one of the best books for project managers.

4. Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Jack Ferraro is president of the company that provides project management consulting, coaching, and project management training. So, if you are a non-project manager, you will learn the fundamentals of project management. 

As a best project management book, it discusses planning, executing, controlling, and closing a project to achieve specific goals within a set timeframe and budget. It is distinct from routine operations and involves several phases: project initiation, planning, execution, control, closure, effective communication, and stakeholder management. According to the book, effective project management strategies and handling project management constraints are critical to ensure that projects are completed successfully and meet the required quality standards.

5. Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management

The success of any project relies on the project manager’s ability to manage a range of critical components effectively. The book’s author Scott Berkun believes that vision and strategy can give project managers clear directions and purposes for the project team to follow. He doesn’t stop here but talks about time management, ensuring the project is completed within the allocated timeframe.

Effective project management is only possible through collaboration and problem-solving. Both enable the project management teams to work effectively and identify creative solutions to overcome obstacles and achieve project goals. For project managers, adaptability is necessary to manage changes, navigate unforeseen obstacles, and learn from past mistakes to improve performance. Although these are fundamental project management concepts, this book is still one of the best.

6. Value And Risk Management: A Guide to Best Practice

Michael F. Dallas is an authority on construction project management books, which is why this is one of the best construction project management books. This construction project management book explores the critical concepts of value and risk management in the context of projects, programs, and organizations. It also gives practical guidance on value and risk management and also discusses the finance of projects.

It also offers practical strategies for conducting value management studies, analyzing and responding to risks, and introducing industry best practices and standards. By showcasing real-life examples and presenting various tools and techniques, the book is a valuable resource for project managers.

The book explores the integration of value and risk management, highlighting their synergies and demonstrating how integrating them can improve project outcomes. It covers best practices and standards, including methodologies and frameworks like PMI and APM. It should be on your books-to-read list if you are looking for a construction project management book.


The dynamic and competitive nature of project management requires continuous improvement and learning in project management. The project management books discussed above cater to a wide range of readers, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Suppose you seek fresh insights, practical examples, and valuable knowledge from industry experts. In that case, these are the best books on project management as they cover wide topics such as leadership, communication, planning, risk management, and value creation.

Reading project management books will help you grow professionally, and adapt to new methodologies to excel in your careers. By staying informed and open to learning, project managers can ensure they are well-equipped to handle the challenges of their roles and drive their organizations to success. No matter your background or experience, books on project management will give you significant personal and professional growth.

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